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Beauty & Abilty, Confidence & Composure.


Nopper's NSDTR Cosmo
Name: Nopper's Peppermint Twist

Call name: "Cosmo"

Date of Birth: November 26th, 2019

Coat Colour: Red & White

Height: 17 inches

Weight: 40 pounds

This is our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever girl Cosmo, who is out of our girl Patty and our boy Slash. She is a multi-generation Nopper dog - and it shows!

Fun loving. Focused. Laid back. Mischievous. Pillow and blanket stealer. Terror of squeak toys. Finder of 'lost' (aka unattended) food. Opener of closed doors (even those with round doorknobs). Any and all of these phrases could describe our girl Cosmo to a T and yet only scratch the surface. She is not only one of the most intelligent Toller girls we have ever had the privilege of living with, but also has the best blend of her dad's focused attitude with her mom's easy going, prankster personality that we could have ever hoped for. No matter what the situation calls for Cosmo instinctively knows how to either lighten an overly serious mood, or conversely get everyone's attention back on track. All with just a grin, a look, or a simple 'woof'. We expect big things from our girl Cosmo and hope she passes on her intelligence and personality to her puppies!

Cosmo is multi-generational raw fed and it shows!