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Cosmo Had Puppies!

Nopper Toller Puppies

On Wednesday January 19th our girl Cosmo had 8 happy & healthy puppies. Proud - and very happy with himself - pappa is Prince. There are 5 girls and 2 boys.

If you are interested in purchasing a toller puppy, please read the Top Ten Reasons NOT To Get a Toller (click here), then read our Info Page.

If you still think you are a good match for a Nopper NSDTR puppy please read our Non-Breeding Contract.

If you agree to our contract terms then please fill out this quick pre-application questionaire Click Here.

If you want to reach us by email click HERE ( Please do not use hotmail, as hotmail will randomly block our replies to you.

Before you do contact us, please understand that our main priority is finding the perfect home for each perfect puppy. So while we answer every application sent to us, we do thoroughly screen every potential puppy buyer. If accepted expect to receive multiple emails every week as we not only give updates on the puppies development but a 8 week training program that includes multiple tips, tricks, and guidance.

As you will see in the video(s) below we raise all our little furbabies in a loving home environment. An environment that promotes healthy puppies with 'flexible minds'. With over 30 years of breeding experience we tailor each day so as to bring out the best in each and every puppy. This includes introducing them to new sights, sounds, scents... and even new and usual scenarios in a safe and controlled manner every day they are with us. They are lovingly handled and socialized as much and as best as we know how. To help make housebreaking as pain free, and quick, an endeavor as possible we also 'potty box' train our puppies. To help their forever homes with obedience training we teach them 'manding'. This technique encourages the puppies to sit and look up and make eye contact... instead of jumping, biting or barking for attention.

We are fully committed to each and every puppy we breed and they come with a lifetime of support - your lifetime. Whether that is advice or recommendations we are here for you. Be it tomorrow or decades from now. That is our way... the Nopper Way.

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"Week 7 Update"
As you can see the puppies are all getting nice and big. They are easily hitting all their milestones and their personalities continue to develop nicely. They really are all turning out to be very calm, stable little sweethearts. Such a beautiful litter with all of them having the best of both their mom and dad!



"The Adventure Box"
A big part of puppy growth and development is being introduced to new sights and sounds. The adventure box provides both in a safe and fun manner. One where they are stimulated and can learn without fear or danger. This is a short-term only 'toy', and we would never leave it with our puppies unsupervised. About two weeks ago was their first introduction to the adventure box, and since then it has become just another toy... One where us (and our toes) are sometimes more fun to play with than it!



"Week 6 Update"
As you can see the puppies are all growing nicely and hitting their milestones like they should. Over the past week their personalities really are starting to develop along with their body type. Like all litters, some are taking after their dad and some after their mom. Since both parent's are calm and stable, the pups are too... they really are little angels.



"The Pacifier"
A big part of puppy development is being introduced to new experiences in a safe and fun manner. The toy we call the pacifier makes noise, acts in unusual ways, and generally is very 'different' than anything they have seen before. At this stage of their development it is the perfect short-term toy. In the coming days and weeks, it will become their favorite but the first time can be 'scary'. Watch as they learn what it is and what fun it offers!



"Week 5 Update"
What a fast 5 weeks it has been! It seems like yesterday these little angles were born and here they are turning into real little dogs before our eyes. This past week has been a big one for milestones. Their eye sight is now much better so the puppies can all track us when we walk by. They are all interacting with each other... usually in the form of rough housing. They are even catching on to sitting and looking up - aka "manding".



"Real Food"
Now that the puppies are growing big and strong, we have to started to introduce real food to the menu. At first, we start out with organic goat's milk, pureed organ and muscle meats, various supplements digestive enzymes, and just a smidgen of soaked in milk puppy kibble (so that they know that kibble is actually "food"). Every litter is different. Sometimes this is a messy introduction. Sometimes hilarious... but it is always precious to watch!



"Week 4 Update"
This past week has seen some major milestones. As you can see by the video, the puppies have transitioned from neonates to real little dogs. They are now transitioning to real food and are getting almost too big to be held up for videos.



"Walking Tall"
It is amazing what a difference a single week can make. All the puppies have gone from the proto-walking stage to walking and (recently) even running. They are now not only recognizing one another, but now are actively engaging in play! Yes, every day is bringing new "baby's first" moments. One thing is for certain, no matter what they are doing it is always entertaining to watch!



"Week 3 Update"
The puppies are now three weeks old! This has been a major growing and developing week and it seems every time they wake up they have changed. They all have their eyes open and they can see. They all can hear. They are all on their feet now and can motor around the whelping box without falling too much; and they are starting to play!



"Dinner Time!"
At this stage of the puppies' development they have only two priorities. Sleeping and Eating, both of which they take very seriously. Watch as they do their best to excel at both while also trying to play!



"Update Week 2"
As you can see the past week has been a major growing week for the puppies. They are all well over double their birth weight, and you can even see them starting to blink their big blue eyes! Of course, no update would be complete without their mom occasionally 'videobombing' the photo shoot... she is a bit of a ham when it comes to cameras.



"Twitchy Sleep"
After a good meal of momma's milk the puppies need to rest and digest. But as they also need to grow, they have to exercise their muscles. This is called 'twitchy sleep' and is a big part of healthy puppy development... and is just too cute to watch!



"Week 1 Update"
What a fast week! Yes, the puppies are a week old now. In that week they all nearly doubled their birth weight and are all right on track. We hope you think they are as cute as we do.