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Beauty & Abilty, Confidence & Composure.

Prince's Bio

Nopper's NSDTR Prince
Name: CH Tollchester Nopper Royaltyfree

Call name: "Prince"

Date of Birth: 02/12/2016

Coat Colour: Red & White

Height: 19.75 inches

Weight: 47 pounds

Health tests: OPTIGEN (PRA) Clear, OPTIGEN (CEA) Clear by Parentage, JADD (Probable Clear / Normal) Click Here for OFA Results
This is our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Prince, and as you can see his personality came shining through even when he was only a wee puppy. He quickly found a special place in our hearts as his calm and stable personality makes him a joy to be around - even when his typical puppy mischievousness got him into trouble. His happy go lucky personality is infectious and his smile can lighten the darkest of moods. He really is one of the most giving of dogs we have ever had the privilege of living with. No matter if he is snuggling on the sofa, in the field hunting, or in the show ring strutting his stuff, his focus is always on pleasing us and making sure we are as happy as he is.

Prince is multi-generational raw fed and it shows! Many thanks to Simone Sortwell of Tollchester NSDTR'S for breeding such an amazing boy and then sending him to live with us! We have big plans for Prince and are looking forward to him passing on his amazing personality to his puppies.