Nopper Toller Daisy Name: Tollchester Nopper Daisy

Call name: "Daisy"

Date of Birth: April 2nd, 2014

Coat Colour: Red & White

Height: 19 inches

Weight: 40 pounds

Health Tests: OFA Hip good, elbows normal. CERF pass.

This is our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever girl Daisy.

Daisy was bred by Simone Sortewell and like all of Simone's tollers, Daisy is a sweet and loving dog. She truly is happy simply being with her people and going with the flow. If that means watching TV and cuddling on the sofa she is first in line. If that means tolling ducks (or geeseā€¦ or our chickens) she is equally ready and willing do what needs to be done.

Daisy really is one of the most easy going girls we have had the privilege of having in our lives. We expect big things from her and are looking forward to her passing on her wonderful disposition on to her puppies!

Many thanks to Simone Sortwell of Tollchester NSDTR'S for breeding such a wonderful girl and then sending her to live with us!

She is multi-generational raw fed and it shows!