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Beauty & Abilty, Confidence & Composure.

Eight Things you should know about Tollers and Nopper's Kennel.

1) Read "The Ten Reasons Why A Toller Is NOT The Dog For You"(click here). Really think about these reasons and if you agree with ANY of them then don't get a Toller. Remember Tollers are NOT little Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers. They behave more like Shetland Sheepdogs or Border Collies than Goldens or even Labs. They are smart and busy dogs who require a lot of exercise and socialization, more than a lab or golden would ever need. If you had a Golden Retriever and think you would like that kind of dog only smaller, keep looking - Tollers are NOT small goldens. I really can't say this enough. They are busy, smart, mouthy dogs who NEED a lot of training and exercise.

2) Tollers are MOUTHY. They were bred to pickup and retrieve birds. They use their mouth like people use their hands. When they are puppies the will nip and bite at you unless they are taught that this is unacceptable behaviour. You need to have a good understanding of how to train mouthy dogs or Toller's may not be the right breed for you and your family.

3) You aren't just choosing a Nopper Toller you are choosing US as breeders. This is a very important distinction. When you buy a Nopper Toller you are getting our experience and advice for life. That's right; starting from the time you put down a deposit on a puppy you will hear from us - A LOT. Our main concern is for the health and welfare of each and every puppy born here and we are serious about making sure each and every puppy lives the best life possible. Make sure we are a good fit.

4) EXPECT TO WAIT FOR A PUPPY. It's VERY rare to wait less than a couple of months; six to twelve is normal.

5) BE PREPARED TO FILL OUT OUR PUPPY QUESTIONNAIRE. When you contact us, usually by e-mail, we will send you out our questionnaire. Fill it out completely and think about your answers. Sometimes just seeing what we expect from you is enough to convince you that a Toller isn't right for you or the timing of getting a Toller isn't right. Once you fill out and return the questionnaire we will get in touch with you, usually by e-mail. If you do not hear from us, resend it! E-mail does get lost. If we don't receive it we simply assume you decided that a Toller was not the right dog for you. We also invite you to give us a call even if you get an email from us. Plan to be on the phone for at LEAST 30 minutes and most likely more. Write down any questions you may have for us. It will seem like we are being really nosy but this is a very important phase of the screening process.

6) BE WILLING TO BE TOLD NO. Not every person is the right match for a Toller. That is just a fact. We know Tollers and if we say NO it is for a good reason. You are more than welcome to ask us why. If what we say makes sense don't keep calling breeders until you find one who will sell you a Toller. Go back to the drawing board and be very humble and honest with yourself about what kind of dog really would be right for you and your family.

7)PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT TO CHOOSE YOUR PUPPY. While we will definitely take your preferences into consideration you do not get the final say. Matching puppies to their forever homes is a serious, multi-stage process. One that takes experience and a deep understanding of the breed.
From the moment they are born we begin to take notes on each puppy and closely watch their personality develop. Then when the puppies are around 7 weeks of age we test the puppies to help make a final decision on which puppies go to which families.

To help us make these matches we use the information you included on your application as well as any input you have given us.

Our goal is to have the puppy's personality and temperament match that of their forever home's family. This decision is one that we do not take lightly. In most cases the puppy you really like is well suited for you, but not always. All puppies are cute, but a lifetime relationship has to be based upon more than just physical attraction.

8) HAVE A PUPPY SCHOOL ALREADY LINED UP. Before you even approach any breeders you should have researched what is available in your area. Go to the school and observe a class. Do you like the instructor? Does what the instructor says make sense to you? Be prepared to shop around for the right fit. It doesn't matter if this is your first dog or your tenth, you MUST bring your Nopper puppy to puppy class! We have owned dogs for over 25 years and we still attend at least one class a week. It is not for us, it is simply one of the best ways to socialize our puppies. It is almost guaranteed you will be the star of your class - even if you have never trained a dog before. Tollers are really that smart.