Welcome to Nopper Tollers

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Maverick
Our Toller Boy Maverick at 7 months old

Not Just a Pretty Face

Our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever are raw fed and minimally vaccinated. We do health testing including CERF, OFA and Optigen. We also do yearly blood work to check out thyroid levels and titer levels among other things.

In our opinion, Tollers are probably one of the best "all purpose" dogs. They are steadfast and loyal, intelligent and easily trainable, precious and playful, and while they are reserved with strangers once they know you, they are your friend for life! These dogs love nothing more than to play fetch or go for a walk with their people. While some have a lot to say, they all are great listeners and enjoy nothing more than just BEING with their people.

 For more information on this wonderful breed click HERE for the CKC breed standard (in adobe pdf format, aprx 10k).